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Handbook Addendum

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With any program in this nature, the success of it can only come from the students who participate and their parents/guardians support.  The handbook guidelines and Winter Guard Policies Addendum are part of the learning process in discipline and dedication, which is required to produce an award winning/competitive guard program.

·        Rehearsal will begin promptly at the designated time on the calendar.  It is estimated that the setup time will take approximately 15-30 minutes.  Please do your best in showing up with enough time prior to rehearsal to help your fellow members set up.  It is everyone’s responsibility to assist with the setup and break down of rehearsal.  In order to be considered ready for rehearsal, all materials (equipment, floor and props) should be down at the gym.  If the gym is vacant, everything should be setup and ready to go.  Students should have all of their equipment either ready or setup for a run depending on the time of the season.  And lastly, the group should be ready in stretch block.  Please remember to allow for extra time at the end of rehearsal for the clean up process.

·        Proper rehearsal attire is all black.  There should not be any wording or colors on the clothing that you wear to rehearsal.  Gloves are required attire.

·        Students are responsible for bringing their equipment, uniform, food, water and any other pertinent items that they may need for rehearsals or shows.

·        Students will follow the guidelines set for in their “Golden Rams Marching Band Student Handbook”, that was given out prior to band camp.


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·        Attendance is required at all rehearsals throughout the season, with the exception of illness or family emergencies, which require immediate communication with the Guard Director via cell phone.  If you should become ill/sick and feel that you cannot make it to rehearsal, you must contact the Guard Director prior to rehearsal via cell phone.  Calling at 6:15pm is not acceptable!

·        Attendance for all Saturday rehearsals and performances are mandatory/required for all members who are participating.

·        Students cannot participate or compete on a day in which they are absent or suspended from regular classes.  On any given day, a student must be in attendance for the required school day to count and to be eligible to participate in any practice or activity held on that day (exceptions, on a case by case basis, will be made for absences from school due to doctor appointments, funerals, etc.).  Therefore, NO SCHOOL, NO PRACTICE…NO PRACTICE, NO SHOW…Rehearsals and Performances are mandatory!

·        This is a team activity, but unlike basketball or football, there is no one that can jump in your spot if you are absent.  Also, unlike most sports, practices are not just about improving skills, most of the time we are teaching new exercises, work or drill.  You are the only one that knows your specific choreography and your absence affects everyone in the room.  For those of you that have been here, you can attest, there are issues with things like prop moving and partner work that arise when someone is absent.  This activity is not only about spinning a flag, rifle or sabre, but it is about commitment, time management and responsibility!  This is a group activity and cannot be accomplished individually!  Therefore, you cannot miss rehearsals due to:

o   Homework
Time management is key to your success in meeting the needs of your obligations and homework.  All homework should be done prior to rehearsal.  Please do not wait until the last minute to complete assignments, projects or exams!

o   Work
Jobs are to be scheduled around our practice/show schedule.  We will try to keep the schedule as regular as possible, but be aware that circumstances may cause an abrupt change in the schedule.  We will try to let you know of a change as soon as possible.

o   Family Functions
In the event that we practice over a holiday weekend and your family has made previous arrangements, you must inform the Guard Director via the signed commitment form.

o   Other Activities
With the exception of school, this activity is to be your first commitment.  Please do not try and be involved with any other major activities that will interfere with your participation in the color guard program.  Missing a rehearsal or a performance due to another commitment will not be tolerated and could be grounds for dismissal from the program.

o   Grounding
Parents, please help us enforce these principles.  Too often, parents try to punish their children by not allowing them to come to rehearsal, when in fact, this punishes the entire team and staff.  We expect students and parents to take this commitment as seriously as you would a job.

·        Tardiness is not acceptable.  However, if you are going to be late, you need to contact the Guard Director via cell phone as soon as possible.  It is our job to ensure the safety of all students, so please keep us informed.

·      If you should miss a rehearsal…

o     You must notify the Guard Director through a phone call.  No emails or text messages at 6:15pm saying, “you won’t be there”.  You must provide specifics explaining why you will not be there!  DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER MEMBER RELAY THE MESSAGE!  It is your responsibility to contact the Guard Director, we expect you to inform us of your absence.

o       It is your responsibility to catch up on what you missed on your own time!  It is not fair to stop rehearsal for the entire team while one person tries to learn something.  Call a friend, show up to the next rehearsal 10 minutes early and learn what you missed.


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As a member of the SRHS Golden Rams Marching Band Color Guard program, you are responsible for a variety of different equipment, all of which amounts to a significant amount of money.  Part of being a member of this organization is to understand how important taking care of the equipment loaned to you is.  There are expectations that you must understand and will be held accountable for during the marching season.

·        All equipment including flags, rifles, sabres and other props are the property of the SRHS Golden Rams Marching Band and must be returned at the end of each season.

·        You are responsible for any equipment issued to you during the season.

·        You may not borrow any equipment from the band program or another guard member without first accounting for your own equipment, and then asking permission of the Guard Director.  This means you are not allowed to go into the Guard closet and use any equipment without permission.  If you are granted permission to borrow a piece of equipment, it will be your responsibility to put everything away where you found it.

·         If at any time during the season you are without your assigned equipment, you will not be allowed to rehearse for that day.  If you are without your equipment the rehearsal before a competition or game, you will not be allowed to march for the weekend.

·        At the end of the season all equipment must be returned to the SRHS Golden Rams Marching Band Program by the designated date to the Guard Director.

·         All equipment unaccounted for will be treated as lost and written up as a fee you owe the SRHS Golden Rams Marching Band Program and you will be ineligible to participate any further until payment arrangements have been made with the Guard Director.  All fees owed will be submitted to the SRHS Main Office, which will be added to your student account.

Cost of Equipment

Flag Pole with Silk









{slide= Uniform}


You are fully responsible for the care and maintenance of the assigned uniform.  If you lose or misplace the uniform, you will be held accountable for the full price, which is $169.00.  If the uniform is not returned at the end of the season in the same condition that it was given to you (brand new), then you will be responsible for the cost of fixing the uniform or replacing it depending on the damage.

Uniform Care Expectations:

·        No eating or drinking while wearing the uniform (with the exception of water).

·        When the uniform is not being worn, it must be hung on a hanger in my SRHS Marching Band garment bag.

·        Proper attire under the uniform is required.

·        The use of deodorant is required as the material used in the uniforms trap sweat and cause the uniforms to smell when not taken care of.

·        Never wash your uniform in a washing machine or put it into a dryer, because, it will get ruined.  You should wash your uniform regularly, by hand washing using cold water and mild detergent.  Please double check the label for care and absolutely no bleach!


{slide= Student Fees/Fundraising}

Student Fees/Fundraising

·        Students will try to do their best to support any fundraising for the Winter Guard program.  If there is a fundraiser or additional fundraising event that will be required, the students will be given ample notice for their attendance.

·        Students will continue to support and work towards raising money towards the Band Trip.

·        The financial cost of the season for each student will be $200.  There will be fundraisers offered throughout the winter.  If students are struggling to fulfill the financial commitment, you can speak with the Guard Director in private.  Member dues supplement funds that are provided from group fundraisers to offset any money borrowed from the Band Parent Organization.

·        Students are required to either fundraise or pay $200 for their Winter Guard account.  Any money fundraised over the required $200 will go into the general Winter Guard account to cover other expenses (uniforms, flags, etc.).  Students will easily be able to fundraise the $200 by completing one or more of the following fundraisers that will be provided throughout the season:

o   Spin-a-thons

o   Enjoy the City Coupon Books

o   Joe Corbi’s

o   Party Lite Candles

o   Can Shakers

The required $200 is broken down as follows:

·      $50 for a hotel for the Rhode Island trip for WGI Eastern Region Championships in March.

·      $50 towards championship wristbands for Wildwood Weekend.

·      $20 for makeup.

·      $50 for Saturday lunches.

·      $30 for WGI and Eastern Region Championships Dues/Fees

Other fundraising events for the overall group will be:

·      Sonic

·      Applebee’s

·      Friday’s

·      Guard Wear (clothing)

·      Preview Show/Bake Sale


{slide= Dismissal from the Program}

Dismissal from the Program

·      Academic Ineligibility
Any student who becomes academically ineligible through the course of the season will automatically be dismissed from the ensemble for the remainder of the season.  Academics are the utmost importance to participate in our activity!

·      4-Missed Rehearsals
4 missed rehearsals (for whatever reason, excused and unexcused) will result in your removal from the organization.  3 times being tardy will count as an absence.  Rehearsal begins at the start time listed.  Please arrive about 15 minutes early in order to have yourself and all props ready.  Arriving 5 minutes from the scheduled start time is considered tardiness.

·      Missing a Schedule Performance
Missing a scheduled performance may result in dismissal from the organization.

·      Misconduct
Behaving in an inappropriate, violent manner, violating school smoking & drug policies, hazing, or conducting oneself in a way that threatens others or is not conducive to the guards expectations will result in immediate removal.

We have the responsibility to monitor and supervise the activities and behaviors of the students participating in this extra-curricular activity.  Repeated disciplinary issues, absences, tardiness, cutting of practices, events and meetings are deemed to be in violation of expectations for participation in the extra-curricular activity.  It should be understood that any participant whose behavior is considered unacceptable by the Director, might have his/her privilege to participate revoked.