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Student Handbook

Golden Rams Marching Band Student Handbook (PDF version)

{slide= 0100 Introduction}

The goals of the Southern Regional High School Golden Rams Marching Band — commitment, organization, pride, and discipline — are key elements in the pursuit of excellence. We seek to be the best we can, which means we never stop trying. We want our communities, families, and peers to respect, value, and have pride in our organization.

This handbook identifies and clarifies the specifics of our goals and the means of achieving them. School policies, ideals from other successful bands, and student input were the sources used to compile this handbook. Countless hours of discussion among administrators, directors, and students went into the publication; it is a comprehensive agreement among all parties. A special thanks goes to the parties who worked on this handbook, particularly the 1996-1997 Leadership Class and former Band President Sidney Bosley.

This handbook is a valuable tool that helps to define our goals and direction. We encourage all parents and band members to familiarize themselves with this handbook because the goals and ideals expressed within it will help us to achieve our overall objective of being the best we can be. {/slide}

{slide= 0125 Leadership}

The Leadership Class of the Marching Band shall consist of senior members who have the will to be a leader in the organization. Membership is open to any senior. The Director and his Staff shall evaluate each member of the class on a periodic basis. If a member of the Class received several negative evaluations, the Director and Staff may remove a member from the Class.

Adopted 6/13/96

Revised 5/30/05


{slide= 0150 Administrative Board}

The Administrative Board of the Southern Regional Marching Band shall be made up of the Band Director and the Assistant Band Director(s).

If a member violates any school policy, he/she will be referred to the Southern Regional Administration. If a member violates any band policy, he/she will have a hearing before the Administrative Board.

The Administrative Board may, at its sole discretion, change the status of a member from active performer to alternate. If the severity of the infraction warrants, the Administrative Board may suspend and/or expel a member from the Marching Band.

Adopted 6/13/96

Revised 5/30/05


{slide= 0200 Attendance}


If a member must miss a rehearsal, he/she is expected to discuss the date with the Director PRIOR TO SIGNING THE MARCHING BAND AGREEMENT.

If a member misses a rehearsal, the absence will be excused only if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Death in the family
  • Religious Holiday
  • Illness
  • Medical Appointment (provided the Director was notified at least one week in advance)
  • EXCUSED absence from school

A member may not miss a rehearsal for another school activity UNLESS it is approved by the Director one month in advance of the date. The absence must be documented with a note form a parent/guardian. If the member is absent from a rehearsal for any other reason, he/she can be suspended from that week’s performance(s). Two suspensions will lead to expulsion from the band, pending review by the Administrative Board.


If a member must miss a performance, he/she MUST discuss the date with the Director PRIOR TO SIGNING THE MARCHING BAND AGREEMENT. These absences may exclude them from being a member.

If a member misses a performance, the absence will be excused only if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Death in the family
  • Illness (under doctor’s care)
  • Extenuating circumstances will be considered upon a meeting between the director and the member’s parent prior to the date in conflict.
  • NOTE: Members MAY NOT miss a performance for a family vacation.

A member may not miss a performance for another school activity.

The absence must be documented with a note from a parent/guardian and a phone call to the Director by the Parent/Guardian.

If a member is absent from a performance for any other reason, he/she will be expelled from the Marching Band, pending review by the Administrative Board.

Early Dismissal:

A member may not leave the Southern Regional campus during rehearsals for any reason unless the member has a note of explanation from a parent/guardian and one of the Directors approves it.

A member may not leave the Southern Regional campus between the end of the school day and the beginning of rehearsal on school days when a rehearsal is scheduled.

A member may not leave a rehearsal early unless he/she has a note to cover it. A member will only be allowed to leave it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Family emergency
  • Medical appointment
  • School business (as approved by the Director)


If a member knows in advance that he/she will be arriving late to a rehearsal, he/she must contact the Director in advance.

If a member arrives late to rehearsal, the tardiness will be excused only if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Medical appointment
  • Extra help with teacher*
  • Other school business (as approved by the Director IN ADVANCE*).
  • For the criteria followed by *, the member MUST bring a pass from the teacher who was supervising the activity.


If a member is absent from school on the day of a rehearsal or performance, he/she must call the High School Music Department (597-9481 extension 308) and notify either the Director or an Assistant Director that the member will be absent from the Marching Band event scheduled for that day. All members should show common courtesy by calling between 8am and 10pm.

If a member arrives late to a Marching Band event, he/she is expected to have documentation justifying the tardiness. This documentation should be presented to the Director upon arrival.

If a member must leave a Marching Band event early, he/she must present the Director with documentation before the event starts.

Adopted 9/5/95

Revised 11/1/95

Revised 6/13/96

Revised 6/6/98

Revised 5/31/99

Revised 5/30/05


{slide= 0250 Member Selection}

The following policy is designed to enable the Southern Regional High School Golden Rams Marching Band’s Director to design and provide a field show that is a successful competitor and which adheres to the Southern Regional School District Board of Education’s Co-Curricular Policy No. 2430 of “making student activities available to all pupils who voluntarily elect to participate.” The show must be the best one possible, having all field positions filled, but, at the same time, all qualified students must be provided with opportunities to participate in all performances in some capacity or another.

In order to field a successfully competitive marching band, the annual show is written for a specific number of participants who perform from assigned positions. The number of participants is determined by the projected number of band members for the season and the requirements of the show that has been written in June for performance the following fall. Once a show has been written, the number of performers required to execute it may be reduced if necessary, but the drill cannot be expanded.

Starting positions will be assigned at band camp based on the following criteria:

  • Instrumentation/equipment requirements
  • Attendance at rehearsals and band camp
  • Development of musical and physical skills
  • General attitude and participation
  • Memorization of music/equipment routines, and
  • Acceptable marching skill level.

Students not assigned to starting positions will be assigned as doubles for specific starting positions and shall be considered alternates in the sections to which they are assigned. Alternates will be assigned to replace starters as needed and as individual circumstances dictate throughout the season. If a starter is absent from band camp, either his/her position will be eliminated, or the position will be filled by an alternate and the absentee starter will become an alternate for the season.

Starting and alternate refer to assigned positions in the field show. All band members, both starting and alternate, will take part in the performances, but the positions will not necessarily by the ones the band members desire since not everyone will be a part of the field show. Alternates will be assigned by the marching band Director to hold the American flag or to assist in the pit-percussion section. Alternates also will be required to participate in the stands in the pep band and in parades.

Adopted 5/31/99


{slide= 0300 Band Camp}

ATTENDANCE AT BAND CAMP IS REQUIRED. The Attendance Policy (Number 0200) will be in effect for band camp.

A member must follow all school rules while at band camp.

A member may not leave the campus AT ANY TIME unless he/she has a note from his/her parent/guardian and the Director approves the departure.

Adopted 6/13/96


{slide= 0400 Uniform}

A Member will not receive his/her uniform until he/she has returned the Information Sheet and the Membership Agreement.

Uniforms will be issued during Band Camp and/or the first week of practices. Seniority applies concerning order of issue. Records are kept from previous years, making it possible for the student to get the same uniform that he/she had the year before. Each student will sign for his/her uniform when it is issued, acknowledging that all the checked items were issued and that the student understands he/she is responsible for all the parts.

The uniform is constructed of the following:

Shako $50.00 Black Trousers $125.00
Gold Sash $40.00 Gloves $3.00
Jacket $175.00 Garment Bag $12.00
Black Shoes $30.00 Hat Box $5.00
Plumes $20.00 Total Band Proper Uniform $460.00
Guard Uniform $125.00 Guard Shoes $30.00
Guard Gloves $11.00 Guard Warm-ups $100.00

All members will be expected to pay for any uniform item(s) lost or damaged. Black shoes must be purchased from the band. The price is above. Please make checks payable to SRHSBPO. If shoes are not purchased, they will be issued on loan with the uniform.

All members are responsible for hemming the uniform trousers. If this is not possible, the student should notify a member of the Band Staff.

All members are expected to have their uniforms cleaned twice during the Marching Band season at DeNoia’s Cleaners on Route 72 in Manahawkin (next to the Stafford Diner).

Cleaning dates are as follows:

1 st Cleaning before Chapter Championships
2 nd Cleaning after Spring parades

All members must hang their uniforms neatly when they are not in use.

All members must keep and utilize all protective equipment (ex. Hat box, uniform bag).

All members must respect their uniforms at all times.

Members may not:

  • Sit on the ground while in uniform;
  • Put any part of uniform on the ground (even in uniform bag);
  • Use any tobacco product while in uniform;
  • Fight while in uniform;
  • Use obscene language while in uniform;
  • Violate a school rule while in uniform;
  • Deface the uniform in any manner.

The only items that may be pinned to the jacket are band ribbons or other director approved pins.

All members must wear black socks that cover the ankle completely with the trousers. The band does not provide socks to members who forget to bring them.

Inspections will be held prior to most performances. See the Inspection Policy (Number 0500) for more information.

All members must be ‘inspection ready’ at all times while in uniform.

Uniform ‘hand in’ occurs directly after the last parade of the season (usually Stafford Founders Day). If your uniform is not returned at that time, obligation cards will be filled out. Underclassmen with obligations will not get their report cards and Seniors with obligations will not be cleared for graduation.

The uniform you turn in MUST be the identical one you were issued. If you turn in someone else’s uniform, he/she will get his/her grades, but you will not get yours. The uniform must be returned in the same (or very similar) condition in which it was issued. If you are issued something in excellent condition and it is not in very good condition when it is returned, you will be billed for repairs or replacement.

Adopted 9/5/95

Revised 11/3/95

Revised 6/13/96

Revised 5/31/99

Revised 5/30/05


{slide= 0500 Inspection}

Inspections will be conducted before most performances. Members must be inspection-ready at all times while in uniform.

During inspections, the band will remain at parade rest and show the inspectors the same respect members show the staff.

If a member fits any of the following criteria, he/she will FAIL inspection:

  • Missing any part of the uniform
  • Uniform does not fit
  • Chewing gum
  • Pants not proper length (too long/short)
  • Color of socks DOES NOT match color of shoes
  • Wearing hair-tie of any color other than black
  • Wearing jewelry; watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.
  • (NOTE: If a member is wearing jewelry, the inspector will ask him/her to remove it. The member may either put it in his/her pocket or give it to the inspector to hold until after the performance).
  • Gloves unclean and/or in bad condition

If a member fails inspection, his/her names will be recorded and the staff will be notified.

Adopted 9/5/95

Revised 11/1/96

Revised 6/13/96


{slide= 0600 Varsity Letter Requirements}

Members of the Marching Band will receive a Varsity Band Letter if they meet ALL of the criteria specified in this policy. Members must:

  • Have not missed a performance unless excused by the Director
  • Have not missed more than four (4) rehearsals
  • Have not been suspended from a rehearsal/performance
  • Have the Director’s recommendation

If all of the above qualifications have been met, the member will receive a Varsity Band Letter in June of the Marching Band season.

Adopted 6/13/96


{slide= 0700 Fundraising/Band Accounts}

A member is responsible for having the required funds in his/her band account by the date announced. The amount and date by which the funds must be in will be announced during Band Camp.

A member MAY NOT go on any Marching Band trips if he/she owes money or does not have the required funding. THERE ARE NOT EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

Some of the required funds are used to pay for food for the Marching Band members on the days of football games for which the band members must stay through the time between the end of the school day and the game to practice and/or be ready for the performance at the game and on days when the band practices and then stays through for traveling to a competition; for such stay-throughs the Band Parent Organization brings the food to the school and distributes it to the band members. The money is also used to bay for the band’s trip to the Atlantic Coast Championship (which is held in Hershey, Pennsylvania) and for the spring trip (or winter if a Bowl is the destination), the destination of which is announced at some point in the season.

If a member does not raise his/her required funding through various fundraising events established by the Band Parent Organization or by donations, he/she will have to deposit cash or a check (made out to SRHSBPO) for the amount he/she needs by the dates announced.

A member’s account balance will be posted in the High School and/or Middle School Band Rooms periodically throughout the season.

Adopted 6/13/96

Revised 5/30/05


{slide= 0800 Basic Rules for Co-Curricular Participation}

Participation in athletic sports and all school activities in the Southern Regional High School District is a privilege which carries with it certain responsibilities. A student is a representative of the school and the entire community. There are certain basic standards expected of the participants in sports and activities programs at Southern Regional.

All students who represent Southern Regional in an activity or on a team are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit upon Southern Regional.

All students must remember they are students of the school first and participants second. Participation in athletics and activities is a privilege granted to a student, not a right guaranteed to him/her.

Being a member of an activity or team does not entitle any student to any special privileges in the school. Rather, participants are expected to set examples of good school citizenship and cooperation.

Use of controlled substances and/or alcoholic beverages by an athlete or student involved in co-curricular activities will mean immediate suspension from participation in the activity. All students are subject to disciplinary action by the school and dismissal or suspension from co-curricular activities for an appropriate period of time.

Any student who is suspended out-of-school is ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities until reinstated by the Discipline Review Board , which determines any future participation.

All requests by students for reinstatement will normally be dealt with by this Board within three (3) school days of the submission of the request after the student has served suspension. Any decision of this Board may be appealed in writing to the Superintendent within five (5) school days after the decision.

When a student is issued equipment during the course of the season, it is his/her responsibility to return all of that equipment at the end of the activity. Any student who has not fulfilled all of his/her responsibilities in this area may not participate in any other sports or activities at Southern Regional until all prior obligations are satisfied. Additionally, any equipment not returned will become a financial obligation.


{slide= 0900 Board of Education Requirements}

Because of the value of these activities, the Board of Education requires its students to maintain academic and behavioral standards. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the Board to require its students to have a certain level of academic standards in order to participate in a co-curricular activity.

Eligibility Requirements:

All students must pass a minimum 15 credits each semester in order to be eligible for participation in a co-curricular activity (30 credits per year).

Eligibility for activities will be determined on a semester basis. Once eligibility has been established, students are eligible for the duration of that activity.

Determination of eligibility under any of the above may be appealed to the High School Principal, who shall consider any mitigating or extenuating circumstances.


Fall of:

  • GRADE 9: All Eligible
  • GRADE 10: 30 credits must have been earned from previous year
  • GRADE 11: 30 credits must have been earned from previous year
  • GRADE 12: 30 credits must have been earned from previous year

Board of Education Policy 2430


{slide= 1000 Travel}

The Rams Band, in order to attend competitions and away football games, must travel using school buses. The following are rules regarding traveling with the marching band.

Each member is expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit upon Southern Regional at all times.

Each member is responsible for seeing to it that his/her instrument/equipment is properly loaded on the truck or equipment bus. When the band returns from any event, each member is responsible for unloading his/her instrument/equipment and putting it away in his/her instrument locker (if school-owned instrument). The BAND STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INSTRUMENTS/EQUIPMENT LEFT OUTSIDE.

When the band member must change into uniforms on the buses, the following rules must be followed:

  • A member MAY NOT undress to the point that the member’s bra or other underwear or any other indiscrete clothing is visible.
  • A member may only exit the bus if he/she is in FULL uniform or if he/she is fully dressed in the clothes he/she was wearing when out of uniform.
  • A member may not walk around the bus while in the process of changing.
  • A member may not change while the bus is in motion

A member must go and return on the same bus.

A member may bring food and/or liquids on the buses provided that he/she cleans up any messes he/she makes and throws away all of his/her trash.

A member may not use or carry any tobacco product while at rehearsals or performances and while on trips. If a member is found to be using or is possession of a tobacco product, it will be confiscated immediately; the parent will be contacted immediately, and the student will be referred to the Administration for disciplinary action.

If the band rehearses off school property, every member is expected to treat the facility with respect and not damage or deface the facility in any way. The same is also expected when the band rehearses on school property.

A member must obey all school rules at all times while at rehearsals and performances and while on all trips.

Adopted 10/30/95

Revised 6/13/96


{slide= 1001 Bus/Seat Selection}

During Band Camp, members will sign up for a bus. The Leadership Class will sign up first, after which members will be able to sign up in order by years of service. A member will not be able to sign up another member for a bus.

Once a member has signed up for a bus, he/she may not ride another bus unless the Director approves it in advance.

Before the first away event, members will board the buses they signed up for in the same order they signed up (Leadership Class first, fourth year members second, etc.) Members will choose their seats at boarding time. Members may not reserve another seat for another member. A member may, however, reserve the rest of his/her seat for someone else. No member may sit in a three-seater by himself/herself unless space permits.

The Leadership Class shall have a Bus Committee to handle bus signups. At a point midway in the season, the Director may announce a Secondary Bus signup. At this time, a member may changes buses provided he/she has found someone who is willing to trade their place on a bus.

Adopted 6/13/96

Revised 5/31/99


{slide= 1100 Equipment}

A member is financially responsible for all school equipment issued to him/her. When the equipment is issued to a member, he/she will sign for it. That signature constitutes an agreement that the member will pay for the issued equipment if lost or not returned.

Members are financially responsible for the following equipment items:

All Musicians:

  • Uniform (parts listed in policy 0400)
  • School owned instrument (if applicable)


  • Lyre
  • Flip Folder


  • Sticks

Color Guard:

  • Uniform (parts listed on issue form)
  • Flags/Rifles/Sabers

Additional equipment may be issued during the course of the year. By signing the Membership Agreement, the parent/guardian agrees to be financially responsible for all equipment for which the member signs.

Adopted 9/5/95

Revised 11/1/95

Revised 6/13/96


{slide= 1200 Member Agreement}

Before a student can become a member of the Southern Regional Marching Band, he/she must complete the Information Sheet and Membership Agreement. Both the student and a parent/guardian must sign the Membership Agreement. This sheet must be returned to the Director as soon as possible. Members will not be issued uniforms until the Information Sheet and the Membership Agreement have been returned.

Adopted 6/13/96

Revised 5/30/05